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We are Tour Operators, an enterprise which selects various components of tourism, prepare a tour product for a targeted market segment, plans itineraries, and conducts tours and promotions for the tours.www.smileytrips.com is responsible for booking the travel to the destinations, reserving accommodations, planning the entire tour in terms of what to see and do, and provide ancillary support to the tour.www.smileytrips.com., an India based travel company, established in 2007, provides a large array of travel and tourism packages viz: Inbound, Outbound, Group Tours, Specialty Tours, and Economy Tours. www.smileytrips.com Operates depending upon the target market,


Mass Market Tour

smileytrips.com buys services in volume from the suppliers and afford to sell them to the customers inexpensively.


Specialist Tour

Smiley Trips provide services to the niche market that has interest in a particular geographical area or a special kind of activity.


Outbound Tour

Smiley Trips provide multinational tourism. smileytrips.com take residents of their own country to visit another country or continent. smileytrips.com sell tour products or packages to the customers in their own country who wish to travel to another country.


Inbound Tour

Smiley Trips provide trips within India to the tourists visiting from other countries. They provide local assistance for the tourists arriving in India. As a receptive tour operators. smileytrips.com makes local arrangements for airport pickup and drop service, arrange for local attraction visits and activities, provide local guides and  responsible for the tourists stay.


Domestic Tour

smileytrips.com provide trips to the residents of India within the boundaries of India as resident operators. 


Direct Sell Tour Operators


smileytrips.com sells the tourism packages directly to their customers bypassing the travel agent. smileytrips.com does not pay the amount of commission to their travel agent. hence, the customer can avail for a package at a lower price. In addition, as a  direct sell tour operators smileytrips.com offers a large variety of destinations and packages. 


smileytrips.com has retail outlets, both shop front and online; as an accessible place for their customers.


Characteristics of Our Organization

Well Organized – smileytrips.com passes on the best possible experience to the customer, smileytrips.com has appropriate systems and processes in place.


Best Networker  smileytrips.com makes tourism better by building relationships with peer tour operators, contacting them in challenging situations as well as making liaisons when dealing with a tour.


Friends with Technology  smileytrips.com has a strong hold on new technology creates an opportunity for a tour operator to reach customers, expose a wide range of tour products, and increase sales in less cost and time.

Enthusiastic and Friendly  smileytrips.com is enthusiastic and has a friendly attitude to create welcoming and interesting environment among the customers.


Knowledgeable  smileytrips.com is well-acquainted with the tourism products, destinations, attractions, and cultures.


Departments in smileytrips.com


Similar to any other large business, the work in a tourism business is also distributed into departments. This facilitates more efficiency in the services provided by them.


General Management

This department develops and executes overall business strategies. It is responsible for the entire organization. General management deals with determining overall business strategies, planning, monitoring execution of the plans, decision making, and guiding the workforce, and maintaining punctuality and disciplinary issues.


Marketing Department

The workforce in this department is responsible in identifying customer needs and creating tourism products to satisfy them. The marketing managers mainly are involved in the following activities −


Market Research Department − It includes understanding the environment, staying tuned with the economic developments, knowing customer needs, and strengths and weaknesses of peer competitors.


It includes dividing the total tourism market into smaller market segments. It also involves targeting particular markets, creating separate appealing tourism products for different market segments, and positioning those products to draw consumers, We offer different products for Students, honeymooners, women, and senior citizens.


a) Product Decisions − It is about deciding about addition or removal of a product feature in an offering, deciding about development of new product, manipulating product features.


b) Promotion Decisions − It includes informing the target market about various products they would find interesting. Marketing department joins hands with publicity agencies such as radio, television, and website management agency to promote the product package.


c) Price Decisions − It involves decisions about the selling cost of product as well as discount rates.


d) Product Distribution − It pertains to which intermediary to employ and where to place the promotional material.


Operations Department


The Operations Department combines two or more tourism components (among attractions, transportation, intermediaries, destination, accommodation, and activities) to create a package and sell it to the consumer.

It organizes and conducts a tour within or out of the country and ensures that it turns out successful.

It prioritizes customer preferences and supplier offerings to determine the best tour arrangements.

It plans the tour itinerary and informs the customers about the schedule of the tour and details such as how to reach the destination, what to see and do there.


It contacts relevant agencies for making arrangements of accommodations and bookings travel tickets.


Finance Department


The Finance Department is responsible for acquiring and utilizing money for financing the activities of the tourism business. The finance people assess short term and long term capital requirements.


Long term capital requirements in tourism are maintenance of office building, vehicles, office infrastructure, and business equipment. Short term capital requirements involve labor and staff payments, providing communication facility, payment of electricity and other resources.


A large number of tourism businesses need to invest initial amount for hotel, lodges, and airline bookings. The owners of tourism business invest their money with the sole purpose of getting high returns out of the investment. Hence the head of the finance department is obliged for achieving the organization objectives by using the finances wisely.


Sales Department


This department is solely responsible for selling the relevant tourism products to the consumers. The sales person in the tourism business is the first link between the tourism business itself and the consumer. The staff must have deep knowledge of the product and strong communication skills to convince the consumers. The sales person also promotes the destination.


The sales staff identifies and cultivates new customers.


The sales staff recommends best suited products to the customer by assessing their needs.


They sell a tourism product successfully by approaching, presenting key features, resolving customer queries, and closing the sell.


The sales staff maintains cordial relationship with the customers.


Human Resource Department


This department is responsible for recruiting skilled, and experienced manpower according to the positions at vacancies of different departments. It is also responsible for conducting orientation programs and trainings for new staff, recognizing the best facets of staff and motivating them to achieve organization objectives.


Purchase Department


By following a standard procedure of procurement, this department ensures the enterprise has appropriate and timely supply of all the required goods and services. The purchasing department procures the goods and services to be consumed by other departments in the business organization.