Visa Details

South Africa


·         This checklist is applicable for submission in New Delhi

·         Visa application is accepted at VFS with prior appointment taken online from VFS website

·         Current Visa processing time is minimum 10 working days and may take up to 30 working days depending upon additional requirement and COVID19 situation

·         All the documents must be very clear and in A4 size paper

All the documents mentioned below are mandatory. Any deviation will result in non-submission or rejection of visa application

Embassy may ask for additional documents during or after submission

Info10-15 days

Document Details

1.Current Passport in Original, undamaged, minimum 6 months valid with at least 2 blank pages

2. Previous Cancelled or Expired Passport if issued

3. Two Recent Photos without border in White Background, 35 x 45 mm size  & face visibility 60 to 75%

4. Fully Completed Visa Form

·         must be filled in Block (capital) Letters and in Black Ink

·         signature must match with signature in applicant’s passport

for Minor (age below 18 years) signature of Parents/Legal Guardian required

5. Personal Visa Request Letter from applicant with following information:

·         Must be addressed to “The Visa Officer, South African High Commission, New Delhi”

·         Subject must be “Request for Tourist Visa”

·         Must have applicant’s full name, passport details, purpose of visit &  travel dates

·         Letter should clearly mention that that who will bear expenses of the trip

·         Must have applicant’s address, mobile number and email id

·         Should have details of persons accompanying applicant with relationship

·         Any other information applicant would like to share

All accompanying family member (age above 18 years) must provide separate visa request letter signed by each applicant

6. It is mandatory to provide Day wise Travel Plan issued by Tourist Agency or Applicant or Host

7. Proof of Accommodation like Hotel Booking with Hotel’s complete address and contact number

8. If Invited by Friend then Provide documents from Friend (Host in South Africa): -

a)      Invitation Letter from Host in South Africa on letter head with following information:

·         Must be addressed to “The Visa Officer, South African High Commission, New Delhi, India”

·         Subject must be “Invitation for Tourist Visa”

·         Must have applicant’s full name, passport details, relationship, purpose of visit & travel dates

·         Declaration if South African Host is responsible for the expenses for applicant

·         Host’s address, contact number and email id

·         If Host is responsible for applicant’s accommodation then host must declare in Invitation and clearly mention applicant’s address of stay in South Africa

·         Any other information host/company would like to share

b)      Copy of Host ID attested by commissioner of OATH in South Africa

·         If Host is South African Citizen then need copy of passport / National ID

·         If Host is not a citizen of South African then need copy of Passport and PR Copy / Work permit

Proof of Residence like Tenancy Agreement or Purchase Deed

9. Professional Status of Applicant: -

·         If applicant is Owner, Director or Partner then need proof of Ownership , registration certificate

·         If Employee then provide NOC/Employment Letter, Pay slips or Salary certificates for last 3 months

·         If Student then provide copy of Student id or any other proof

  •  If Pensioner then provide copy  of Pension Payment book 

    Proof of Finance for South African Visa: -

    ·         Personal Bank Statement mandatory for all applicants (except minor, student & home maker)

    If Sponsored (by Employer/Company, South African Host or any other individual) then provide bank statement of sponsor along with sponsorship letter and id copy of sponsor
  • 10. Mandatory documents for Minor travelling with or without parents: -

    a)       Notarised copy of Unabridged birth certificate with name of minor and parents in it

    b)      Notarised Consent letter addressed to “The Visa Officer, South African High Commission, New Delhi” signed by parent or guardian with whom minor is travelling

    ·         Subject of the consent letter must be “Consent Letter for Minor”

    ·         Relationship with minor

    ·         Declaration that minor is travelling with them and they will be responsible for the well-being of the minor

    c)       Notarised Consent Form filled and signed by Non-Accompanying parent (if any). Please use Consent form provided by embassy.


    Based on condition additional documents may be asked before or after submission for Minor

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